Sunday, 10 June 2012

Boys, Soho Theatre. Saturday night.


Phenomenal play. Tragi-comedy about graduating students leaving one big party and stepping into a new uncertain world that doesn't want them. 

Followed by midnight cakes at Princi Bakery, Soho.

The Box, Soho. Thursday night

Raunchy Live Shows, exclusive crowd. The Box is sure to provide a unique night out in London.

We walked past the queue straight to the front (hoping and praying) they would let us in. A hilarious night followed. This consisted of us assuming new identities in our drunken state.

Zaynab: NOT a student, a qualified corporate lawyer (who gave legal advice to anyone who would listen).
Siobhan: A Ballet dancer for the English National Ballet (proceeded to perform a rather long ballet routine in the middle of the club).
The Box is expensive, our funds are limited and our overdraft rapidly diminishing therefore joining a table of a man in a cast (after breaking his leg in the Himalayas) was the obvious choice!
A beautiful friendship blossomed (between us and the Belvedere) resulting in a 5am 60 quid dinner at Balans and a 25 quid cab journey home...ahhh the life of a student.

Vintage dress and earrings. Shoes: Primark. or shoe rather. After falling backwards (probably during her ballet performance) she lost one shoe in the crowd which was never to be found. I wonder if the next day a Primark shoe was found next to the bottle of Dom Perignon...

Pictures aren't allowed in the Box :S...
Zaynab's battered legs the next morning...

Saturday, 9 June 2012

SKETCH. Mayfair, London.

Sketch, a firm favourite of ours. A gorgeous restaurant and cocktail bar, has a beautiful interior and interesting crowd, perfect place for a girls night out. 

Siobhan by the pod/egg shaped toilets. Wearing. Dress: A Paris boutique. Necklace: New Look. Bag: Marc  by Marc Jacobs.  Sign across belly: Siobhan's own initiative (reads OUT OF ORDER- a sign that she stole from a hand dryer).

Pre drinks at  the flat. Zaynab wear's Slip: Marks and Spencers. Belt: Vintage. Blazer: H&M. Shoes: ASOS. Necklace: India

Gordon's Wine Bar

This place is always packed but great for sharing a bottle of wine and a cheese board. Perfect date spot, but if you're single there are usually plenty of guys having after work drinks ;)...

Necklace: New Look

CUCKOO Club, London.

Shoes: Kurt Geiger. Dress: Topshop. Necklace H&M. Bag: Primark. 

Dress: In Love With Fashion. Bag: Chanel. Shoes: New Look. Necklace: H&M

Last Weekend: BBQ in the Sun

Top: Zara. Skirt: New Look. Bag: Vintage. Sandals: Topshop. Sunglasses: Morocco. Jewellery: Vintage. Lips: MAC.

Top: New Look. Skirt: Topshop. Sandals: New Look Sunglasses: RayBan Clubmasters

Us in all our glory
Dear Siobhan, a letter written to my drunken self.....whilst drunk.
Dear drunk Zaynab