Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Box, Soho. Thursday night

Raunchy Live Shows, exclusive crowd. The Box is sure to provide a unique night out in London.

We walked past the queue straight to the front (hoping and praying) they would let us in. A hilarious night followed. This consisted of us assuming new identities in our drunken state.

Zaynab: NOT a student, a qualified corporate lawyer (who gave legal advice to anyone who would listen).
Siobhan: A Ballet dancer for the English National Ballet (proceeded to perform a rather long ballet routine in the middle of the club).
The Box is expensive, our funds are limited and our overdraft rapidly diminishing therefore joining a table of a man in a cast (after breaking his leg in the Himalayas) was the obvious choice!
A beautiful friendship blossomed (between us and the Belvedere) resulting in a 5am 60 quid dinner at Balans and a 25 quid cab journey home...ahhh the life of a student.

Vintage dress and earrings. Shoes: Primark. or shoe rather. After falling backwards (probably during her ballet performance) she lost one shoe in the crowd which was never to be found. I wonder if the next day a Primark shoe was found next to the bottle of Dom Perignon...

Pictures aren't allowed in the Box :S...
Zaynab's battered legs the next morning...

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